Research On Bermuda Triangle

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It might not seem likely, but pilots and librarians have an important common attribute.

They absolutely hate to make a mistake, to be wrong.

Virtually all “mysteries” had solutions, or had no proof that they even occured, when diligently researched and honestly reported.

The numbers are chapters in the Gaddis’s writings started the tsunami of Bermuda Triangle magazine and tabloid articles, books, documentaries, movies, and the popular belief in unknown forces off the coast of the United States.

There were no survivors, no wreckage, no SOS, no clues.

I had always wanted to write a book, but because I was entering a new profession and had a young family, there had never been a topic that so captured my interest that I was willing to embark on what would obviously be a huge research project. By my early twenties I was a commercial pilot, flight instructor, instrument pilot, instrument flight instructor, advanced ground instructor, and flight engineer.

Back then I was working in the Reference Department at Arizona State University’s Hayden Library, where we were barraged by student requests for information about the Bermuda Triangle for the term papers they had to write.

Librarians know how to do research, which in the 1970s was far more difficult than it is with the technologies that exist today.

When I first heard of the Bermuda Triangle in the early 1970s, I realized it was quickly gaining in popularity. First, it was an obviously unique and intriguing topic.

Ships, planes, boats, and people were said to be disappearing off the coast of the United States!


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