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You can choose a more efficient water heater and install fixtures that conserve water.

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In addition, proper insulation and draught-proofing are essential to cutting the amount of wasted energy consumed by your household.

Testing your house for air-tightness and sealing air cracks does not take long, but it can prevent a great deal of heat and energy loss.

To understand exactly what you need to do to improve your home's efficiency, have a professional perform a home energy audit.

You may choose to conduct your own audit, but it will not be as precise.

You can avoid standby mode and acquire new energy-saving habits with regards to cleaning, cooking and doing laundry.

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Small changes in your habits can lead to significant cost reductions.You can also stop unwanted heat transfer by choosing more efficient doors and windows.Making your home energy efficient includes reducing electricity, water, and fuel usage.You could also consider making your next car purchase a hybrid, electric or fuel-efficient vehicle.If you want to build a new energy efficient home, doing so might be easier than upgrading your existing house. The world is quickly moving towards energy sustainability.At the same time, the mankind is trying to re-establish the connection it once had with nature.However, there are government grants and incentives that can help to get you started and offset some of the cost.After you live in your energy efficient house for a few years, your upfront investment will pay for itself.Another aspect of living an environmentally-friendly life is learning how to drive in a smart way that conserves petrol.Avoid rapid acceleration, hard breaking and apply other petrol-saving techniques.


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