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Dialysis and kidney transplantation are known as renal replacement therapies (RRT) because they attempt to “replace” the normal functioning of the kidneys and are discussed in more detail below.A kidney transplant is an operation to place a healthy (donor) kidney in your body to perform the functions your own diseased kidneys can no longer perform.Simple laboratory tests are done on small samples of blood (to measure creatinine content and estimate GFR) and on urine (to measure creatinine and albumin excretion).

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The high blood pressure causes just over a quarter of all cases of kidney failure.

In everyday practice, GFR can easily be estimated (e GFR), from measurement of the blood creatinine level, and taking into account, age, ethnicity and gender.

Usually, kidney disease starts slowly and silently, and progresses over a number of years. Stage 5 is also known as End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

However, when you have kidney failure, wastes and fluids accumulate in your body and you need dialysis treatments to remove these wastes and excess fluid from your blood, dialysis can be done either by machine (hemodialysis) or by using fluid in your abdomen (peritoneal dialysis).

In suitable patients a kidney transplant combined with medications and a healthy diet can restore normal kidney function.


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