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And find it accessible to young adults and even kids as young as two years old, playing electronics devices such as Ipad.on other hand , Internet has become a place where we spend the many hours for the purpose of business or leisure or socializing with others or other purposes , and when it is this use of moderate to no impact on the social life of the person and make him lose communication with the social environment , there is no problem, but on the other side there is a sector a wide range of people around the world the Internet has become for them the case of addiction out of control, rather than being just a necessary part of their lives.

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It is able to find information on any topic imagined at your greatest convenience.

As the Internet keeps growing, problems continue growing as well.

They also spent less time communicating in the household with family members than they did before gaining Internet access.

These results give credibility to the fears that Internet use damages family relationships; however, a follow-up study 2 to 3 years later found that these initial declines in family communication did not persist (Kraut et al., 1998).

The top of her head is the first thing to come into view, then her face, her face. Scientists say that the brain chemistry of infatuation is akin to mental illness—which gives new meaning to ‘madly in love' A comprehensive review of the biological underpinnings of sexual behaviour, from flirting and courtship to infidelity and break-ups From ecstasy to withdrawal, the lover resembles an addict Are emotions no more than "micro-moments of positivity resonance?

A critical look at the widely held belief that all men want to play the field, while women are programmed for monogamy In order to transcend the discomfort that sex typically stirs, you may need to radically rethink desire, marriage, fidelity, and much more I've gone into more than a few relationships with the safest of intentions and discarded them soon after, and my hunch is that I'm not the only one…

Few researchers have examined the ways in which the Internet has altered family functioning.

One area of speculation is whether computer technology strengthens or damages relationships among family members.

More than 33 million children are addicted to games, in America, 88 % of children addicted to gaming in the Arab world, 80% of children addicted to gaming and Aruba in 80% of children addicted to gaming.

This is a serious problem and should not be tolerated and is to blame on the parents.'(Ministry of communication and information technology in Saudi Arabia,, 12/4/2014) The impact of the Internet on the family relationships Most researchers have focused on broad descriptions of trends in the use of the Internet, such as time spent using computers and the Internet and the ways in which children and adults use these technologies.


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