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And I empathized as the poet had turned others’ impressions into a new art form. Generally if you apply for an Early Decision on your application and are not accepted, your application will be placed among the regular decision applicants or it will be rejected outright.If the admissions department rejects your application, you are done for that college for the current year.

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Although higher education doesn’t use the lingo of a customer service often, we all create impressions – and collectively, a campus culture -- based on how we treat others.Most people who offer their credentials want to give and to grow.They may be navigating mixed feelings about moving forward; it is not easy.Most newbies know how stiff the competition is and desperately want a break, while the seasoned applicants ‘ span feelings including “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and “there’s no place like home.” And whether applicants are uprooting geographically or not, they could bring passion and talents to strengthen your institution and even specific benefits to you as an individual. If so, why are some applicants treated as if they were intruders -- not valued guests who deserve a response?An abundance of advice is directed to applicants and sometimes just a modicum to those with hiring power.Perhaps you skimped on sleep, skipped some meals and rethought your career trajectory in the event the position materialized. Rod Serling, TV writer, Army veteran and Antioch College alumnus might have described, at this frustrating point, the limbo of the And you had begun to suspect you might never hear the outcome of your efforts…with no rejection letter, no update on the online job site and no email or voicemail responses to your most recent inquiry. This ambiguity is unsettling, may feed self-doubts and leave a bad taste in the mouth about the institution.Job seekers are creative human beings, not a nuisance.Here are some ideas on implementing a kinder rejection letter.Perhaps acting on even one of these ideas might create a kinder campus.It was no small task to do all that among your other tasks and responsibilities.You invested thought power, muscle power and that priceless commodity, time. You checked back, learned the search was still in process. Six months later, you learned through a colleague that the position was: a) filled, b) suspended, or c) not funded.


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