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Plastics, in particular, can be expensive to process or some products are not recyclable due to being contaminated with food or other materials.In these cases, the goods become an internationally-traded commodity that was, until recently, shipped to China for a high price tag.

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They think of how to dispose of the packaging or the product after use before even buying it.

As a result, people end up saving a considerable amount of money while also saving the planet.

You’ll notice that recyclable products are labeled with numbers from 1 to 7, 1 being the most recyclable, and 7 being the least recyclable. Also, check with your city to make sure that you have the correct disposal containers available to ensure your efforts are being put to good use and heading to the recycling center rather than the landfill you are working so hard to avoid!

In general consumption of goods, we ignore the fact that a major portion of our waste can be reduced or reused before resorting to recycling.

We must also be aware of the emissions that result from the incineration.

Sometimes the heat generated is used to generate electrical power (waste to energy plants) to offset the damage and minimize the carbon footprint.

Consumers place recyclable materials over to your local waste facility by placing it in a designated disposal container.

Then it is taken to a recycling facility and/or transported to a location when that material can be reused for a new purpose.

It would be very responsible of us if we could reduce the consumption of products to the maximum extent possible.

So, the three R’s of sustainability are Reduce, Reuse…There are many good reasons for adding recycling to your routine, ranging from a personal level to a global advantage.


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