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Ever since, he said, “rangers have been up here hassling us, and we’ve had enough of this shit.” He asked permission to throw rocks at the beacon on their truck as they drove away. Mann’s teen-age daughter got involved (“Leave my father alone! The settlements span two states and three counties—a circumstance with socially marginalizing consequences—but they are essentially contiguous if you travel through the woods, by foot or A. As it turned out, none of the people at the German house were armed, and the only two bullets that were fired landed in Emil Mann’s chest and left thigh. ” Then people who were more familiar with the area noticed the victim’s name, and the location of the incident, and the Web commenters turned on their man and began to disavow.

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If it’s any consolation, schools don’t want a long essay.

Before the 2011 college admission season began, the Common Application decreed that essays could not exceed 500 words.

Most of the Ramapo Mountain woodlands, extending from Pompton Lakes, south of Mahwah, up to West Point, on the Hudson River, are now preserved as parks, where A. Dennison brought a switchblade with him, as well as a .22-calibre handgun, which he kept in a holster on his right side.

He planned to take some target practice at one of the abandoned cars nearby, or, if he got lucky, to bag a deer or a wild turkey or some smaller game.

It was one of the last towns in the region to succumb to suburban sprawl, and, although the old valley farms along the Ramapo River have mostly been replaced by million-dollar estates and cul-de-sacs with names like Stabled Way and Polo Lane, Stag Hill, about twenty-five miles from midtown Manhattan, remains a kind of world apart.

Roosters far outnumber spaniels, and spare tires and rusting appliances vie for scenic predominance.

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Soon after, the workers crossed paths with the three rangers headed in the opposite direction, and waved. It’s not going to happen,” he said, resisting her attempts to pry his hands from his A. (“Yeah, we got a shitstorm coming here,” one said over his radio. all to save a tree,” and, “Sounds like people need to start boycotting NJ and just move away . “Like we already don’t have enough bad media.” Before long, the A. The riders alluded to the movie “Deliverance,” speculated that the Manns had been cooking meth, and shared stories about personal encounters with the “freakin monkeys” on Stag Hill, where it was rumored that martial law was in effect, with armed vigilantes driving around in pickup trucks. Less than three months earlier, some six hundred Ramapoughs, represented by Robert F.

The first ranger to arrive at the German house dismounted and ran down a slope behind the stone foundation of a barn, toward a man with a ponytail, whom she recognized as having buzzed by them on the trails shortly before. “We’re on Stag Hill.”) In the commotion, another cousin, recognizing that an ambulance would never make it through the rocky trails, carried Mann to the nearest A. V., so that he could be delivered to the road, a mile away, where a helicopter was eventually able to land on a ball field for a medical evacuation. At the hospital, Emil Mann was also placed under arrest. The initial comments on sites like and reflected a unified sense of outrage: “Wow . “Yes these people are known as the Jackson Whites,” one posted. The odds are they got what they deserved.” Another wrote, “Those so-called ‘Indians’ up there are nothing more than Gypsies who think they can do anything they want in the woods. Kennedy, Jr., among others, had filed a mass tort suit against Ford Motor Company and its contractors, as well as the borough of Ringwood, for the dumping of toxic waste.


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