Race Does Not Exist Essay

For example, in the USA the Irish were not always “white,” and despite our government’s legal definition, most Hispanics/Latinos are not seen as white today (by themselves or by others).This is a difficult concept and it seems to come up again and again, so let me provide a few points to bust the myth and to clarify the reality…There is no genetic sequence unique to blacks or whites or Asians.We talk about race, or avoid talking about it, all the time…but few of us really stop and think about what .

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I've tried to tell them it's because black kids ore poorer and see sports as their ticket out of poverty...

but that only explaisn why they dominate football as a whole, NOT why they dominate all positions that emphasize speed. Tell them that is a product of the moment of time we live in.

If one thinks that these patterns of racial differences have a biological basis, if we see them as “natural,” racial inequality becomes just part of the human experience (remember a book called ? This fallacy influences people to see racism and inequality not as the products of economic, social, and political histories but more as a natural state of affairs.

While race is not biology, racism can certainly affect our biology, especially our health.

If you went back to the 1930s basketball was dominated by Jewish players.

Also, sprinting world records were held by germans, italians and other "whites".

There is no neurological patterning that distinguishes races from one another, nor are there patterns in muscle development and structure, digestive tracts, hand-eye coordination, or any other such measures.

Even something thought to be so ubiquitous as skin color works only in a limited way as dark or light skin tells us only about a human’s amount of ancestry relative to the equator, not anything about the specific population or part of the planet they might be descended from.

Recent work has clearly demonstrated that racial social structures, from access to health care to one’s own racialized self-image, can impact the ways our bodies and immune systems develop.

This means that race, while not a biological unit, can have important biological implications because of the effects of racism.


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