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Quotation marks are also used to call attention to new words or phrases, which is particularly useful in science and technical writing, such as in the following sentence: One of the several branches of zoology, “ichthyology,” concentrates on the study of fish.Note that, in keeping with the American English style, not only is the new term in double quotes, but the comma is inside the quotation marks.The following descriptions will help you with quotation marks in your academic writing. In scientific writing, this is important because it can distinguish a quotation mark from a prime mark, which is used often in genetics and other physical-science disciplines.

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Although they can be direct quotes, quotation marks are not used; special typefaces and formats are used instead to call attention to them.

Don’t overuse quotation marks—whatever style guide you use, it’s important that they be used correctly but sparingly.

Changes to the correct forms can easily be made in your computer’s word-processing program.

Regardless of which style guide you use or which side of the Atlantic you are on, there is an agreement about the specific rules for using quotation marks in your text.

The format for quotations changes depending on the length of the passage.

If it is more than four lines, MLA protocol states formatting the passage as block text, which is never surrounded by quotations marks, APA protocol states to use block text if the passage exceeds 40 words.

Smart quotes should not be confused with straight quotes (“), which is the computer’s default form.

In addition, single straight quotes are often used as prime marks; as the symbol in measurements, such as feet and arcminutes; and in mathematics, as in x’y’; however, this is not the correct usage—the prime symbol (ʹ) should be used instead.

Different style guides have different protocols for using quotation marks in reference lists.

Papers written for the liberal arts or humanities follow the style set by the Modern Language Association (MLA).


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