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Then there is the time and energy to comply with regulations and to grow your organization.

Then there is the time and energy to comply with regulations and to grow your organization.But if the benefits of incorporating make sense and outweigh the disadvantages, you may be ready to move ahead.The nonprofit corporation continues to exist beyond the lifetime or involvement of the people who began it or who have managed it.

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Disadvantages of incorporation include a lot of paperwork and some expense.

For instance, you may need to hire a lawyer to prepare your documents.

Creditors can only go after your organization's corporate assets, not the personal assets of the people who manage, work for, or volunteer for your nonprofit.

Personal liability can also occur should a staff member or volunteer strays outside the boundaries of what is permissible politically.

(For clarity, I’m talking about being really rich – £10 million / $15 million net worth or more).

After a surprisingly low point, more money doesn’t make you happier.

although fewer people do this under the most recent tax laws Bequests may also be exempt from federal estate taxes.

Board members, officers, and employees of your organization receive protection from liability for corporate debts or lawsuits.

Having all of these principles in the articles of incorporation and bylaws makes running the organization much easier.

Other advantages of incorporation include exemptions from county real and personal property taxes, lower postal rates on third-class bulk mailing, cheaper advertising rates, free radio, and television public service announcements (PSAs), and more—depending on your activities.


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