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Her writing has been featured in "Northwest Boulevard" and "Mermaids." She received the Huston Medal in English in 2005.TIPS: When writing a proposal argument, it’s important that you don’t try to take on too much given the length of your assignment and the time you have to write your essay.Think about proposals that work well given the constraints of the assignment.For example, it’s not enough to argue that cigarette smoking is bad for one’s health. But, you could make a good argument that we need a plan to cut down on teens who are becoming addicted to cigarettes.Watch the video below to learn more about the structure of a proposal argument.If you have a choice in what you write about, find something you feel passionately about.If you’re going to be writing a specific proposal to solve a problem, it helps if you care about the problem. Think about your audience as you work to use ethos, pathos, and logos.An essay outline, on the other hand, is a general map or visual summary of your essay, in which the main body and sub-branches of your argument are listed and presented in a logical manner.Thesis statements are important for defining the scope, focus, and direction of the essay, and are useful for informing readers as to the essay’s purpose and what to expect from the paper.You can have an excellent solution, but in order to convince your audience to accept it, you must justify how the solution you set out will impact your selected audience and work for them.This area is not a place for emotional appeals; rather, it is a place for solid facts and concrete conclusions that prove the efficacy of your argument to your audience.


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