Prophet Muhammad Essay

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- The prophet was not amused or tempted by beauty regardless of how beautiful the girl was. - The prophet always forgot and forgave the small mistakes that his prophets did.

(As per the story of the prophet getting married to a beautiful girl). But when they committed a big mistake he will take it seriously.

We cannot compare our time today to the experiences and rules and regulations of older times because everything is different.

- When Islam was proclaimed, the Islamic legislations only permitted the marriage of 4 wives.

Another important point was the fact that getting marriage at that time was different and much easier than in our society today. Because if the prophet were to divorce any of his wives than they will be left to no future husband because no one can marry the prophet’s wives.

- So why did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t divorce his other 7 wives to be equal to 4 wives? - Another point is an ayah (Surah Al-Ahzab) was brought down ordering the prophet not to divorce any of his wives and not get married to anymore. If after the prophets death one were to ask to marry a prophets wife, than he will be sentenced to death.

He would feed people in times of famine and would restrain wrongdoers.

Muhammad's mother was Aminah, daughter of Wahab son of Abd Manaf, son of Kilab. When Muhammad was born his mother said: “As soon as I put my child on the ground he leaned with his hands on the ground, raised his head to the skies and looked at the horizons all the while speaking in phrases of monotheism.

- When this rule of Allah was brought down, lots of the companions of the prophet divorced if they had more than 4 wives.

- Some may say so what happens to those women who were divorced?


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