Proper Wording For Salary Requirements In Cover Letter

To set your mind at ease, check with the Department of Labor of your state if providing such information falls under their jurisdiction.

Compensations including benefits Some professions (like marketing and sales) are based on benefits.

You need to find out not only the salary range but also the total compensation structure that comprises all benefits for a given position – this is called the total Cost to Company or simply CTC.

Questions often asked by prospective employers is the applicant’s desired salary range.

This is almost a standard necessity that employers require which the applicant must furnish, if and when it’s asked for.

The company field It is also necessary to look into the field of the hiring company as their salaries mostly depend on the industry they are engaged in.

Job location Cost of living also forms an important part of determining your salary since it differs from location to location.

Salary history speaks for itself, it’s a document that includes your earnings in the past from other companies and may include information such as: It’s legal for employers to request this information about your salary requirements.

But this does not apply to all cities and states where employers have restrictions when it comes to demanding past salary information.

If the industry is saturated with a lot of people with the same qualifications and skill set, employers gain the upper hand resulting in a lower salary being offered than would have been the case were people in short supply for the required position.

On the other hand, if the demand and the supply are high, as in the case of s/w programmers, the company would want to grab these employees from the market and therefore offers a high salary package in order to be the first company to hire these professionals.


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