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At $50, that would mean I would earn $5.00 per hour, not a living wage.

Especially when I have to subtract business operation expenses from that $5 per hour. And if you ask my clients, they're also worth every penny.

Based on that, we will determine the appropriate investment.

Disclaimer: I am a full time professional resume writer.

I seen a review on, that's how I found them.

Price: resume/ cl Unique: I had constant contact with the writer all the way til I was satisfied with the final draft Effectivness: She had given me maintenance tip on how to keep my resume up to par for each job posting so yes it was effective because of those tips alone.

Get past the HR system, but deliver a résumé to the hiring manager that demonstrates my value. Yes, I absolutely agree with "Need New Job" in Chicago.

The successful resume is very easy to read, quickly communicates the most highly critical information, has a strong summary section filled with hard skills (as opposed to soft skills like "team player" and "excellent verbal and written communication"), backs up every claim made with concrete, specific, results-oriented examples and accomplishments in the experience section, and contains information which is highly relevant to the specific position and company it's being used for.

Some of you are perfectly capable of writing a great resume on your own. It helped me move my résumé from a list of what I know and daily duties to what I accomplished.

But measuring by the resumes that come into my office every day, around 75% of job seekers need to become educated about current best practices and how to develop a resume that is going to help them stand out among 100, 200, or 500 other resumes submitted for the same job opening, or how to recognize the difference between a good resume service and one which may not be worth the money. Being in a position where I do hiring, that's the number one limitation I have on deciding who to bring in.


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