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Thank you for visiting Resume2Hire, the premier online resume writing service.The owners of Resume2Hire combine over 30 years in resume writing, staffing and online recruitment.

I did my own resume, but I need someone to look over it and do some tweaking. Always always ask for samples.....there are some very outdated writers out there that are not savvy with modern resume layouts.

I have experience writing that I would like to showcase, although my job at the time was in a different field. I generally start with a review of the resume and prepare a quote from there based on the position sought and the amount of work I expect to put in. Utimately I never feel I've not added value to a client....our reviews show that. Even I thought about paying a professional to write my resume, but then I came across this link online and decided to write on my own.

I do charge $100 for 5 years experience but I make sure I make it worth it for my client. In the past I have always held task oriented positions that went no where.

I went back to school to get my Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management hoping to propel myself into a career. Now I fall into a category of over-qualified/under experienced.

And, btw, I have been in situations where I knew from the conversation when we set up the interview that the job was mine to lose before I walked in the door.

I have even had some employers confirm that for me and for people I've written for (when it was my friends before I charged money) If you are skilled. Before starting my service, I reviewed a lot of "professional" resume writing sites.

Before I share anything with the client, I then call them a few more times if needed to understand what they have done and whether my understanding of their job is correct.

That saves a lot of time when I make the resume available.

Not only was my Resume2Hire resume great, I got a fabulous position only 3 days after I posted it.

I have already sent email links to your site with my recommendation to all my friends.


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