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As well as looking at relationships between friends and lovers, you may wish to discuss the love the people have for family members, and potentially how this differs from the love that they might have for people who they are not related to.

Of course, you do not simply need to focus on the love that people have their fellow humans; you can also look at the love that people might have their pets or for wildlife in general.

I’ve also included topic ideas to get you started with an awesome essay (which will hopefully ensure you don’t end up broken-hearted when you get your essay back).

Though writing about love can be just as messy (and sometimes just as painful) as being in love, I’m here to ease the pain by providing a few tips on how to write an essay about love. What if you’re in the friend zone and you want to tell the other person? Will those simple words create a lifelong love affair, or will they ruin the friendship forever? Your only task is to write about love, not actually worry about the messy process of being in love. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with any of that right now.Writing about these characteristics makes your love a little more human and your relationship a little more realistic.If you absolutely can’t write about your love (or former love) without spilling out every emotion, you might consider another angle for your essay about love.In some, many parts of the world people still use them for different reasons like putting flowers and so on.My love for different cultures inspired me to think of something that could satisfy my passions and love for culture so I settled on a project to make pots.My first pot was used to keep water and it could amazingly keep the water cold for long, which was such an achievement!If you’ve ever found yourself in a new romantic relationship, you probably know that there are three tiny words that can make or break it all: “I love you.”Those three little words can wreak havoc on anyone. If you’re writing an essay about love, it can be easy to just write gushing, flowery prose about someone you love, but these types of papers can turn into a long, rambling, cheesy mess.To avoid this pitfall, follow the two important tips below. It can feel like walking on air, like floating with the clouds, as sweet as strawberry cotton candy.If you’ve just fallen out of love (or if someone has just fallen out of love with you), it can be quite the opposite. But you’ll sound more than a little sappy or bitter if you write about love in this way.


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