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In Module 10, you will modify your game design using a new form of control abstraction called user-defined methods.User-defined methods allow you to restrict access to the attributes of a class to improve data abstraction.

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In Module 9, you will not learn any new problem-solving techniques or Python language features.

You will add some fun features to the Poke the Dots game by designing, coding, testing, and debugging Poke the Dots Version 3.

You will then reflect on your game version by using a third problem-solving technique called abstraction, including the specific technique of solution generalization, to solve similar problems.

In Module 3, you will identify solution issues in your game.

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You may be an occasional gamer, breaking out the Nintendo Switch or Xbox controller when you need to give your brain a break from academia.To create your design for Hacking Version 1, you will use three interactive learning objects: the description builder, functional test plan builder, and algorithm builder.In Module 2, you will discover how lexics, syntax, and semantics can be used to understand and describe programming languages.You will learn one new Python statement (if), one new Python expression (unary expression), and one new Python type (bool).You will employ these Python constructs to write, test, and debug Hacking Version 3.In Module 8, you will design and implement Version 1 of a new graphical game called Poke the Dots.You will then modify your game design using data abstraction to create user-defined classes.In Module 1, you will explore the game creation process that is used in this course.You will use this process to design Version 1 of the first game, Hacking.You will learn two new Python statements (class definition, pass) that will allow you to construct your own Python types.You will employ these Python constructs to implement Poke the Dots Version 2.


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