Problem Solving Picture

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The goal is to find the underlying math problem, then come back to the original question and see if you can solve it using the math.

Of course, solving the question about consecutive numbers is not the same as solving the original problem.

First he saw Brianna, and he gave her 1/4 of the money he had brought to school.

Then Alex saw Chris and gave him 1/3 of what he had left after paying Brianna. This problem lends itself to two particular strategies.

If you add the numbers in each piece, the sums are consecutive numbers.

Problem Solving Picture

(Consecutive numbers are whole numbers that appear one after the other, such as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 13, 14, 15.) Can you break another clock into a different number of pieces so that the sums are consecutive numbers?

It might break into pieces like this: Were you assuming the clock would break in a specific way?

Try to solve the problem now, if you have not already.

, helped ignite a movement of visual innovators and problem solvers.

Since then, Dan has written four more books about visual thinking and even launched an online “napkin academy” to help unlock all of our potential to give visual form to ideas.


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