Problem Solving Methods And Techniques

Problem definition is really the heart of problem solving.If you cannot define the problem correctly, it is challenging to solve that problem.Make sure that you include others in using your problem solving techniques; particularly for significant issues.

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Third, if you don't understand finance and accounting (especially cash flow management, working capital management, and cost management processes) make sure you outsource that effort to a competent accountant or bookkeeper.

And then have that accountant or bookkeeper keep you fully informed on a regular basis; you don't want to hear you've run out of money when it's actually all gone!

All business owners and managers face problems and challenges in operating the business; it's important to find useful tactics and strategies, such as effective problem solving models, to ensure that you make the right decisions in facing your challenges.

A significant aspect of managing your business includes developing and using problem solving models. Because problem solving is a day-to-day activity in every business and as a business owner, you need to become very good at solving problems quickly and efficiently.

By systemizing the solutions process, you can get to the root cause of the problem more quickly and work on ensuring that it does not recur.

Note: I prefer the term solutions provider (which I've borrowed from the software industry), rather than problem solver.

If you are in hurry you can read our “manage in a minute” guide 7 Problem Solving Steps for the essentials of problem solving.

Ever heard people say (or perhaps said yourself) things like : ” I wished we hadn’t jumped to that solution so quickly.” “I think we may have solved the wrong problem.” “It was only at the end that I realised we had acted too quickly with too little information.” “The solution we went ahead with turned out to be impractical and too expensive.” A structured process helps ensure you stay on track with what you need to do to solve a problem.

The seven step problem solving technique covers: You’ll find a brief explanation of these points below.

Once you’ve read these, you can find more details, in our comprehensive guide to problem solving: What’s the Problem (with a tool for each or our problem solving steps). Not many problem solving processes include this step, yet it is absolutely crucial. This is also one of themost important stages in our seven step problem solving technique. Well too often our approach to problem solving is reactive, we wait for the problems to arise.


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