Problem Solving Competency Definition

In addition, a new “Journal of Dynamic Decision Making” (JDDM) has been launched (Fischer et al., 2015, 2016) to give the field an open-access outlet for research and discussion. doi: 10.1080/02601370.2015.1060024 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Meißner, A., Greiff, S., Frischkorn, G.

This paper aims to clarify aspects of validity: what should be meant by the term CPS and what not?

Mainzer quotes the Nobel prize winner Simon (1957) who wrote as early as 1957: The capacity of the human mind for formulating and solving complex problems is very small compared with the size of the problem whose solution is required for objectively rational behavior in the real world or even for a reasonable approximation to such objective rationality. 198) The shift from well-defined to ill-defined problems came about as a result of a disillusion with the “general problem solver” (Newell et al., 1959): The general problem solver was a computer software intended to solve all kind of problems that can be expressed through well-formed formulas.

However, it soon became clear that this procedure was in fact a “special problem solver” that could only solve well-defined problems in a closed space. doi: 10.11588/jddm.2016.1.28510 Cross Ref Full Text Scherer, R., Greiff, S., and Hautamäki, J. Exploring the relation between time on task and ability in complex problem solving. doi: 10.1016/j.intell.20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Schoppek, W., and Fischer, A. Complex problem solving – single ability or complex phenomenon?

For example: The goal state for solving the political conflict in the near-east conflict between Israel and Palestine is not clearly defined (living in peaceful harmony with each other?

) and even if the conflict parties would agree on a two-state solution, this goal again leaves many issues unresolved. Telling more than we can know: verbal reports on mental processes.

Numerous articles on the subject have been published in recent years, documenting the increasing research activity relating to this field.

In the following collection of papers we list only those published in 2010 and later: theoretical papers (Blech and Funke, 2010; Funke, 2010; Knauff and Wolf, 2010; Leutner et al., 2012; Selten et al., 2012; Wüstenberg et al., 2012; Greiff et al., 2013b; Fischer and Neubert, 2015; Schoppek and Fischer, 2015), papers about measurement issues (Danner et al., 2011a; Greiff et al., 2012, 2015a; Alison et al., 2013; Gobert et al., 2015; Greiff and Fischer, 2013; Herde et al., 2016; Stadler et al., 2016), papers about applications (Fischer and Neubert, 2015; Ederer et al., 2016; Tremblay et al., 2017), papers about differential effects (Barth and Funke, 2010; Danner et al., 2011b; Beckmann and Goode, 2014; Greiff and Neubert, 2014; Scherer et al., 2015; Meißner et al., 2016; Wüstenberg et al., 2016), one paper about developmental effects (Frischkorn et al., 2014), one paper with a neuroscience background (Osman, 2012), papers about cultural differences (Güss and Dörner, 2011; Sonnleitner et al., 2014; Güss et al., 2015), papers about validity issues (Goode and Beckmann, 2010; Greiff et al., 2013c; Schweizer et al., 2013; Mainert et al., 2015; Funke et al., 2017; Greiff et al., 2017, 2015b; Kretzschmar et al., 2016; Kretzschmar, 2017), review papers and meta-analyses (Osman, 2010; Stadler et al., 2015), and finally books (Qudrat-Ullah, 2015; Csapó and Funke, 2017b) and book chapters (Funke, 2012; Hotaling et al., 2015; Funke and Greiff, 2017; Greiff and Funke, 2017; Csapó and Funke, 2017a; Fischer et al., 2017; Molnàr et al., 2017; Tobinski and Fritz, 2017; Viehrig et al., 2017). Predicting complex problem solving and school grades with working memory and ability self-concept.

The concept was introduced in Germany by Dörner and colleagues in the mid-1970s (see Dörner et al., 1975; Dörner, 1975) for the first time. doi: 10.1026/0033-3042/a000108 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Mainert, J., Kretzschmar, A., Neubert, J.

The German phrase was later translated to CPS in the titles of two edited volumes by Sternberg and Frensch (1991) and Frensch and Funke (1995a) that collected papers from different research traditions. doi: 10.3200/JOER.101.2.113-125 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Leutner, D., Fleischer, J., Wirth, J., Greiff, S., and Funke, J. Analytische und dynamische Problemlösekompetenz im Lichte internationaler Schulleistungsvergleichsstudien: Untersuchungen zur Dimensionalität.


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