Problem Solving Activities For Toddlers

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Observe your kid and see what his sports inclination is.

Teens 14 and above can also take up body building, which not only gives a boost to a teen’s self confidence, but is also great for long-term fitness. Learn a foreign language or learn new words Learning another foreign language is a great advantage in today’s world because everyone in the world is more connected than ever.

Scrabble will help your kid learn new words and definition. Learn sports It is a truism that whatever is good for the body is good for the brain.

Physical exertion by sports not only strengthens the body but also the brain.

Knowledge of foreign language can help your kid later in life, in his future studies and his career.

It also opens their minds to a different culture and way of thinking.In summer, kids tend to forget to read and lose this habit as other summer activities like too much play, watching tv, and “hanging around” grabs most of their time. You can also reward reading by giving him the privilege of watching movies, playing with video games, or giving him small tokens like toys or other goodies after he reads.You can continue to have your kid maintain their reading habit by going to the library or buying him books that he would enjoy. Encourage reading habit by making sure that your kid read first before going out or at night before turning in. Learn to play a musical instrument Music has many benefits on your kid’s brain and summer is a best time to begin to learn to play an instrument.Summer should not turn kids into zombies who beome brain dead by sleeping a lot, hanging out, or worse, playing mischief.Your kid should find pleasure not only in going to the beach, hanging out with friends and other fun summer activities, but also in learning new things.A great way to start is by playing with him, and being enthusiastic about teaching him the game.There are other board games that exercise the brain but not as intensely. Board games that are played by more than two players also encourage socialization and bonding with the family and friends.4.This is because the rich can afford to send their kids to places that provide them high quality experiences or expose them to intellectually stimulating activities. Your kid can learn and have fun this summer without you having to spend a lot of money.Below are ideas for activities that your kid can do to prevent him from having “summer learning loss” and make him ready for the next school year:1.He should also strive to retain what he learned in school.According to the US Dept of Education students lose as much as 25% of their learning in the summer.


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