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Internet privacy faces numerous risks that include phishing that encompasses hacking activities that are used to obtain secured information, usernames, passwords, security PIN, credit card numbers and bank account numbers.Furthermore, users have been under attack through pharming which covers redirection of legitimate website users to a new and different IP address.Privacy can mean anonymity in case a person wants to remain unidentified.

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On the same note, users should avoid frequent online shopping from unreliable websites which avail their personal information and identification data on the websites since such sites have low-security levels.

In addition, the users should develop a tendency of clearing all browsers’ cache and the history on browsing sites whenever they visit a website.

Internet privacy entails securing personal data that is published on the internet.

This kind of privacy encompasses safeguarding of sensitive and private information, data, preferences, and communications.

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On a separate note, there is a rise in the usage of malware which allows an illegal damage of computers both online and offline through application viruses, Trojan, and spyware.

Even though many users have fallen victims of internet privacy violations, the numerous risks when accessing the internet can successfully minimize use of preventive software applications such as anti-virus, anti-spam software, firewalls, and anti-viruses.

People are aware of their behaviors online and are bound to use strong passwords when before accessing their own accounts.

In the same note, users are supposed to log out their own accounts when ceasing access to the internet so that they leave it safe and secure from intruders.


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