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The civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York was called the War of the Roses because each side had a certain colour of rose to represent them – red for Lancaster and white for York.

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Henry VIII set up the Protestant Church of England, which meant England broke ties with the Catholic church.

This also meant that Catholics weren’t very popular in England – some were even put to death.

He won the Battle of Bosworth Field, which ended the War of the Roses.

King Henry VIII (1491-1547) – King Henry VIII ruled from 1509-1547. //crosslink//King Edward VI (1537-1553) – King Edward VI ruled from 1547-1553.

Musical instruments played include the viol, hautboy, harpsichord, spinet and virginals.

According to someone who lived during Tudor times, William Harrison, there were four different classes in society: School could be expensive, so only people who could pay for it would send their children.

If any of these happened to you, you’d been let off easy: whipping, being branded with a hot iron, and being locked in between bits of wood in the centre of town for people to laugh at you.

The worst punishments were executions, such as beheading, being hung, being burned at the stake, or being boiled alive.

Music was very popular in Tudor times, and it was a large part of entertainment both in the royal court as well as for the peasants.

It also meant that somebody from any class – rich or poor – who was good enough at an instrument could have the chance to play for the king or queen!


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