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"The pink flamingo splashed into the fifties market, it staked" (Price lines 1-2).

Plastic flamingos are unable to splash like real flamingos, therefore Price is demonstrating satire.

(lines 13 to 14) with their own birds The image of an American is seriously unthinkable if they are killed.

Because Americans only use images of birds and they are not interested in actual birds themselves, she accuses Americans.

Visitors get these new, bright, bold, pink flamingos and want to spread them as they live.

Since the 1930's, plastic pink flamingos have been a trendy statement piece at hotels and in yards across the country.The flamingo could be a metaphor of how Americans are followers and do not come up with their own ideas.The plastic pink flamingo gave an "extra fillip of boldness" (Price line 20).Since plastic flamingos can not be splashed like genuine flamingos, Price shows irony.2006: (1) The next paragraph is an excerpt from Jennifer Price's recent article "Pink Plastic Flamingo: Natural History".Also, the plastic flamingos are staked into the ground."Americans had been flocking to Florida" (Price line 4) is humorous because the Americans flocking to the southern east coast like flamingos.In her article, she laughs about the history of pink flamingos made by plastic constantly evolving and how the United States is consumed by the latest fashion.The price stated that Flamingo is best known in Florida.Jennifer Price, the author of "The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History", uses tone, satire, and diction to show her view on United States culture.Price's view is that United States culture is flashy, cocky, and that Americans tend to try and stand out to get attention.


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