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Others may involve analyzing data from clinics or other institutions, using statistics and reasoning to find patterns that may have important implications.However, many projects involve direct contact with participants, using an operationalized definition of a phenomenon.One essential task when undertaking a research study is to review the existing literature on the topic and use it to inform the construction of the new study.

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This course is a brief overview about research design that is intended to cover the basics of designing and implementing a scientific study.

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Before a researcher chooses a topic for a project, it is important to identify a broad area of inquiry and interest.

This may be as broad as “global eye health” or “personality psychology,” but it should be an area that is of interest to the researcher.Qualitative studies tend to be more in-depth, focusing on a smaller population but probing deeper into a given problem than quantitative studies.Qualitative research often utilizes focus groups, interviews, or surveys and seeks to answer open-ended questions.The literature review is crucial because an important responsibility in research is to add to a body of knowledge and to compare one’s findings with others.The procedure is simple: the researcher must search the literature in his or her area of interest, review the selected studies, and develop a theoretical framework for his or her own study.A good research question needs to: Not all research projects require study measures.Some research simply involves observing the results of events in the field and drawing conclusions based on a theoretical framework.Thematic and content analysis are two methods used to analyze qualitative data.Disciplines such as anthropology, behavioral economics, and sociology are more inclined towards a qualitative approach.For those pursuing research about community eye health, Unite For Sight's Journal Article Database can be used as a starting point.Not all research questions are good ones—in other words, not all questions can be answered through qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.


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