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Although Lady Macbeth is the catalyst he must ultimately take full responsibility for his own actions.The murder of Duncan may be depicted as the point of no return for the character of Macbeth.

Shakespeare never fails to stun an audience with a complex yet entertaining character. One might judge Macbeth to be the valiant hero of the play, to the audiences surprise and bewilderment, he is also the villain.

To create such a character requires an unparalleled plot and great writing skill.

Terms like: in reference to the murder and his attitude towards the innocent child Fleance, is merely another obstacle to Macbeth’s security.

All of this reinforces his cold clinical attitude towards people and his morally corrupt attitude. When Macduff flees the realm of Scotland for England to conspire with Malcolm against Macbeth, Macbeth resorts to the most cowardly and ruthless of ways to punish Macduff for his insolence. He has become so heartless that murder seems like a hobby to him.

Macbeth is merely mentioned by the witches at the start of the play. A title is not a trifle for a reward, which proves that Macbeth is a sublime character loved by all.

However not everyone is perfect, even Macbeth has some deep forgotten desire that will eventually come to surface through catalysts in the plot, and will led him to his pitiful demise.

Macbeth is slowly goaded into the thought of murder which shows that he was initially a little corrupted by his dormant ambition.

However he does not succumb easily to this ghastly deed; his morals and his noble nature are in vicious conflict with his ambition.

His intimacy with himself proves to him that his only motive for this murder is his bare ambition to be king: shows the struggle in him to carry out the act, it goes against his nature.

The decision for the murder is nevertheless Macbeth’s.


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