Poverty In The Third World Essay

Hugh Corbett, director of London's Trade Policy Research Centre, explained that subsidies created surpluses which were dumped in world markets.'And if you are dumping food in Africa under the label of food aid, the effect is to push the price down and lead farmers to shift to, say, growing livestock, which eat up all the grass. The so-called Cairns Group of major farm nations, among them Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Indonesia, have welcomed the US plan.These nations never developed industrially in a normal way, and now the mega-corporations that run the world dictate the terms of trade, so the poor nations can't get out of the pit they're in.

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” Simon, North Cornwall “Lack of education is the main cause - the people have no way to get out of the situation.

Coupled with a lack of facilities (some have no water or electricity), lack of investment by their governments, corruption of the governments, and lack of social services” Anon “A lack on infrastructure to allow the combatting of poverty (such as education, medicine and farming), normally caused by political turmoil, corruption or natural disasters” Anon “Legacy of colonialism and exploitation.

India can afford Nuclear weapons and a Space Programme for example but seems unwilling or unable to look after huge numbers of its population.

How can countries such as this have thousands of children left to fend for themselves on the streets whilst the ruling classes live in luxury?

However, many experts believe that increasing food supplies does not necessarily result in improved conditions for the impoverished people.

Poverty In The Third World Essay

The famine conditions in several Third World countries are not the result of food shortage arising from natural calamities. That food is a political commodity calling for political treatment, not merely technical or 'pure economic' solutions, was clearly illustrated when the European Parliament held a two-day debate in September 1998 in Strasbourg on the problems posed by Third World hunger.The system that we live under will always lead to oppression, exploitation, poverty and death for the majority of people in the world” Anon “Lack of birth control, disease, lack of clean water” Anon “I believe ‘poverty’ is different in developing countries.Chronic shortage of food in a large number of developing countries in recent times has focused world attention primarily on the urgent need to increase agricultural production in order to provide more food for the Third World population.North America' and 'the dangers to world food security from possible climate, logistical and political factors'.These are seen as good enough reasons to call for the development of alternative sources of supply to the Third World countries.Civil wars, corruption, rampant nepotism and mismanagement.Imposition of unfair and damaging policies by the IMF and World Bank, through the nineties.Furthermore, she said, aid programmes are normally directed to governments and 'the problem is that the people who make up the governments in many Third World countries are those who are linked with, or are themselves the interests that control export of agricultural production'.A recent report of the World Food Council, established by the United Nations in 1974, links the 'political sensitivity of food issues' with 'the high and growing concentration of international grain supplies in one geographical region, i.e.Lack of social welfare and social policies in general that would be helpful to the population in general“ Brian “Africa’s absolute poverty comes from the inequality of the way it is shared out!Not everyone in the World can be disgustingly rich.


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