Poverty In Egypt Research Paper

Poverty In Egypt Research Paper-49
Uneven development in Egypt has not only affected the urban population.

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This research reviews the Egyptian population that suffers from poverty and unemployment.

It also indicates the governmental policies that are put in place to alleviate the problem.

Thirty-three percent of this population is young people aged fourteen and below.

The largest population in this nation comprise of young people who are struggling with joblessness, poverty, and increased food prices.

In 1991, to soften the impact of these measures on the poor and those affected by privatization, the government established the Social Fund for Development, a US$613 million project funded by the European Union, the World Bank, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The fund is a job creation project aimed at training and finding jobs for workers displaced as a result of privatization. I need answers asap there is no time to waste they need our help now.

The problem has been compounded by the government's reduction of subsidies on basic foodstuffs and certain budget controls on public services since 1991.

The government's awareness of the political implications of the complete lifting of subsidies has slowed down the implementation of IMF-mandated price deregulation.

Despite widespread poverty, however, uneven development has led to the emergence of an affluent class that controls most of the country's wealth and enjoys an elevated standard of living that includes shopping at centers that feature the best imported goods.

Living in such Cairo suburbs as Garden City, al-Zamalek, and Nasr New City, the wealthy send their children to private schools and to universities abroad.


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