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Since then, a scientific paper in general contains (i) Title, (ii) Abstract (iii) Key words, (iv) Introduction, (v) Theory/Experimental Method (vi) Results and discussion, (vii) Conclusions and (viii) References. Before we begin to work in a new research area, we would like to know about the past work done on the topic by other researchers.Since we cannot read all those papers that have been published, we need to narrow them down to a manageable number.Activation of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (Ah R) by Tranilast, an Anti-allergy Drug, Promotes mi R-302 Expression and Cell Reprogramming [9]. O'Neill, \"How Metabolism Generates Signals during Innate Immunity and Inflammation\", J.

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Consequently, a good title should provide reasonable answers to the following questions [6]: * Does the title of your manuscript, seen in isolation, give a full yet concise and specific indication of the work reported? Soler, \"Writing titles in science: An exploratory study\", English for Specific Purposes, Vol.26, pp.90-102, 2007. Haggan, \"Research paper titles in literature, linguistics and science: dimensions of attraction\", Journal of Pragmatics, Vol.36, pp.293-317, 2004.

* Would someone interested in the exact topic of your paper, reading this title, be inclined to read the abstract? In today's digital world, it is the web information retrieval by the internet search engines which will decide the visibility of your paper [7]. Sebire, \"The impact of article titles on citation hits: an analysis of general and specialist medical journals\", Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Short Reports, Vol.

Folks: The article below looks at the importance of getting your research paper title right so that readers will read further. Jagadesh Kumar, electrical engineering department, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 Home: Research papers help us to publicize and champion a scientific argument.

Regards, Rick [email protected] NEXT: The Academic Leader As Conductor Tomorrow's Research ----------------------------------------------- 1,665 words --------------------------------------------- Making Your Research Paper Discoverable: Title Plays the Winning Trick When you write a research paper, it is not just to tell about your exciting research results to the world but to describe how science works in all its glory.

For designing a good title, we need to do a similar exercise by first choosing a working title for the research paper and then refining it [13].

To choose a title, I usually summarize the main theme of my paper in a few sentences.

For search engines in the above portals, the words in the title provide the clues for appropriate indexing in the bibliographic databases.

This will help the users to retrieve scholarly data at a later time based on words or a combination of words stored in the index.

Titles with a colon are called compound titles or hanging titles. Janardhanan, \"Doping-less Tunnel Field Effect Transistor: Design and Investigation\", Accepted in IEEE Trans.

For example, the title of this article (Making your research paper discoverable: Title plays the winning trick) is a compound title consisting of two phrases on either side of the colon.


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