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Ham [6] identified that transformation is required in how we deliver care to make improvements in efficiency.

Ham [6] identified that transformation is required in how we deliver care to make improvements in efficiency.Successive governments have highlighted the need for the healthcare workforce to develop, innovate, adapt and transform themselves and services to meet these demands, and this includes the podiatry workforce [1,2,3,4, 7,8,9].Eligible papers had to (1) examine the barriers to change strategies, (2) explore knowledge, attitudes and roles during change interventions, (3) explore how the patients/service users contribute to the change process (4) include studies from predominantly primary care in developed countries.

In some cases, practitioners and their teams have done so, where others have been reluctant to embrace change.

It is not clear to what extent good practice is being shared, whether interventions to bring about change have been successful, or what barriers exist that have prevented change from occurring.

Minimal evidence exists about the barriers to changing professional practice in podiatry.

However, there is substantial literature on barriers and implementation strategies aimed at changing professional practices in other health professions.

The facilitation of shared responsibility is especially important for those with long-term conditions and thus the priority groups for podiatry services [11, 12].

Podiatry practice has to change to support this, but we have no clear evidence at this stage in its evolution, that this is happening.

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Healthcare in the UK has rapidly changed in response to the changing epidemiology of diseases, the impact of chronic and debilitating conditions, complicated by an aging population [1,2,3,4].

This is adding to increased demands on the National Health Service (NHS) and the cost of care [1, 5].


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