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Read more Electricians are the people who bring electricity to our homes, schools, businesses, public spaces, and streets—lighting up our world, keeping the indoor temperature comfortable, and powering TVs, computers, and all sorts of machines that make life better.Electricians install and maintain the wiring and equipment that carries electricity, and they also fix electrical machines.

Do you like playing with play dough; or modeling clay?

Wouldn't it be cool if you could add lights, sound, or even motion to your play dough creations? Electric Play Dough Project 1: Make Your Play Dough Light Up, Buzz, & Move! Electricity powers many of the things you use every day, like the lights in your house, and the computer you are reading this on.

If your dough is too dry and crumbly, you can slowly knead in extra water.

If you are making a new batch of dough, the best way to prevent these problems is to follow the directions carefully and measure the appropriate amount of each ingredient.

Read more Have you watched "The Transformers" cartoon series or seen the "Transformers" movies?

Both shows are about how good and evil robots fight each other and the humans who get in the middle.Read more Electrical engineering technicians help design, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment.These people are part of the team of engineers and research scientists that keep our high-tech world going and moving forward.In this project, you will use play dough that conducts electricity, which will allow you to connect lights to your sculptures! Retrieved from https:// Do you like making things with play dough or modeling clay? Once you learn more about this simple electric circuit, you can add cool things like lights or buzzers to your artistic creations.This project is the first in a three-part series on play dough circuits, which can all be done with the same materials. Use play dough and modeling clay to create a simple circuit that lights an LED (light-emitting diode). When you add electricity to playdough to make creations with light, sound, and motion you are making a circuit. A circuit is like a path through which electricity flows.Many appliances in your house (like your TV, computer, and lights) get electricity from plugs in the wall, which are connected to wires that deliver electricity to your house from power plants.Many smaller, portable circuits (such as electronic toys and cell phones) are powered by batteries, which store electricity.Never connect the battery pack's terminals directly to each other; this is called a short circuit and can make the batteries and wires get very hot.Do not connect the LEDs directly to the battery pack without using play dough; this will burn out the LEDs.At the heart of every robot is a robotics engineer who thinks about what a robot needs to do and works with several engineering disciplines to design and put together the perfect piece of equipment.Read more A: If your homemade dough is too wet and sticky, you can slowly knead in extra flour to dry it out.


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