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They will earn their right to power and ensure fairness for all so as to prevent tyrants from trying to take control.

They will earn their right to power and ensure fairness for all so as to prevent tyrants from trying to take control.

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Those who are stronger will overpower those less able to overcome them.

According to Thrasymachus the stronger will prevail over those weaker than them in the battle and hold the power.

The second argument proposes that of all the different types of people, only the Philosopher is able to judge which type of ruler is best since only he can see the form of the good.

Thirdly, Plato argues, Pleasures which are approved of by the lover of wisdom and reason are the truest.” In sum, Plato argues that philosophical pleasure is the only true pleasure since other pleasures experienced by others are simply a neutral state free of pain” (Blössner, 2007).

Plato believes that man is more than just his strength but also his moral beliefs and conduct.

The purpose of right conduct and moral interpretude will make a man stronger and power within the city than that of a man who is willing to take power and control by his strength alone. His first major point is that justice is an excellence of character.He then seeks agreement that no excellence is achieved through destructive means.The Republic possess the question of “Is Justice better than Injustice?And will an unjust man fare better than a Just man? Thrasymachus’ understanding of justice and injustice is as follows “justice is what is advantageous to the stronger, while injustice is to one’s own profit and advantage” (Plato, 2004).The function of justice is to improve human nature, which is inherently constructive.Therefore, at a minimum, justice is a form of goodness that cannot be involved in injuring someone’s character.“Plato says that a tyrant’s nature will leave him with horrid pains and pangs and that the typical tyrant engages in a lifestyle that will be physically and mentally exacting on such a ruler.Such a disposition is in contrast to the truth-loving philosopher king, and a tyrant never tastes of true freedom or friendship.In a definitive treatment of the subject, according to Blössner (2007), “the argument presents and argues for the case that the is best understood as an analysis of the workings and moral improvement of the individual soul with remarkable thoroughness and clarity. This view, of course, does not preclude a legitimate reading of the Plato and Thrasymachus both offer their ideas on the notion of justice as they feel is right and good for the individual and the city.


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