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I’m not just talking about your first and last paragraphs, but also the first and last lines of your body paragraphs. You’d be surprised how well this will work.*** Speaking of intros, though, a good intro paragraph will really set you apart.Teachers appreciate fresh language and an artful way of introducing a subject.

Museums are filled with adjunct professors who rush off to columbia universitys teachers college record.

See chapter for specific sustainable industrial purposes. If you score a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam, that is generally considered a good score.

If you’re feeling devious, try this*: Go to your “find and replace” tool.

Type a period into the “find” bar and another in the “replace”. This works better than making the text bigger or the margins wider because it’s so subtle.

Starting an essay with “Albert Camus wrote the Stranger, which was about existentialism.

In this essay we’ll look at his imagery, his metaphors, and his ideas on morality.” is a straight path to a “B” at best.

This is where most writers go wrong; getting straight to the point.

Your teacher, or your anonymous grader, knows what you’re writing about. They’ve read hundreds of essays about Jennifer Price’s thoughts on materialism. Lull them into a sense of freshness with an introduction that sounds like music rather than machinery.

But on the replace bar, change the setting so that your new punctuation mark is a couple of text sizes bigger. Your teacher isn’t going to be paying attention to the size of your punctuation.** But let’s say, for argument’s sake, you want to be a bit more honest with your schoolwork. ) So you’ve got about a half page left in an essay, but you’re done writing.

So here are some tried and true methods to squeeze a couple more sentences out; intros and conclusions. Add a better- and longer- tag line to a paragraph or a thought.


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