Physical Education Homework

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Students need the opportunity to learn skills without intimidation and to experience the joy and exhilaration of physical activity.

This philosophy drives our program and it is the hope that all students learn to enjoy movement, become fit, and value positive living. Girls must bring their own combination Master lock, since their locker room facility does not provide built-in locks. Secure your locker before you leave the locker room.

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The physical education curriculum is designed to provide an environment that challenges all students to work to their potential.

Kohn further contended that time devoted to homework could be better spent engaging in activities that truly interest students without exacerbating the achievement gap observed between students who have a lot of parental support versus those who do not (Kohn, 2006).

While intense debates regarding homework for academic classes continue, the use of homework in physical education classes has not inflamed such passions.Homework has not traditionally been used as a learning tool in physical education to any significant degree (Mitchell, Stanne, & Barton, 2000).Consequently, the efficacy of physical education homework has received little attention from researchers.This is done to attempt to get the community involved in fitness as well.Kory Hill The perceived value of assigning homework as a learning tool has fluctuated from one decade to the next.The aim of this article is to explore the efficacy of using homework as a teaching tool in physical education.Reviewed studies address the perceptions and practices of teachers, parents and students related to physical education homework and the influence of homework across multiple learning domains.Given the limited amount of time typically set aside for physical education and the increasing need to document evidence of student achievement, some physical educators have proposed an expanded role for homework in physical education (Hill, 2009; Novak & Lynott, 2015; St. Many of the characteristics of active homework, that which requires physical activity, are likely to increase physical activity levels. As more schools incorporate comprehensive school physical activity programs (CSPAPs), there should be more opportunities for physical educators to involve parents and classroom teachers through the assignment of homework that promotes physical activity (Castelli & Ward, 2012).For example, levels of physical activity tend to increase when there is parental involvement, activity choice, encouragement of extracurricular participation, and the acquisition of motor skills (Baranowski et al., 1997), all of which are characteristics of active homework (M. Physical educators should have as complete an understanding as possible about the current research regarding the use of homework in their discipline.The following is a list of activities students will be exposed to while attending Lincoln Middle School. The Physical Education Department assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen items.Lock and Locker Policy All students will be issued a P. Excuses and Dressing Policy If students are able to attend school, they are required to dress for their Physical Education class.


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