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Religion, then, continues to be the social, philosophical and political target, one which seems, must to be disproved.Religious views really do not and really have not changed only scientifically proven correct.

It was science itself who began dispelling their own claims through the work of archeologists, geneticists and other scientific disciplines.

As time passes, which we have seen is relative anyway, and human knowledge, which philosophically can itself be argued, more and more religious beliefs are shown to be more accurate and correct all along.

These for generations were long held beliefs and until relatively recent times, were brought into close scrutiny.

Science for some and public opinion admonished these firmly held beliefs ridiculing those who still believe.

These two disciplines, which for centuries have long been debated, are coming to terms through a better understanding of history and a mutual respect through the scientific process.

From the times of Socrates to Copernicus, to the scientific writings of Galileo, Newton and Einstein, we find religion and science locked in eternal conflict.

These have given way to the "principle of charity," where each discipline now gives latitude to each other’s views until there is reason or more definitive proof that it is not.

Religion, at least as it appears to me, has always provided a comfort in times of personal need.

Science insists six days would be impossible and for the church, nothing is impossible for God. Humans arbitrarily delineate a day as 24 hours or from rise to sunrise.

Time as Einstein proved to the scientific mind is relative to one’s place in space and is merely a frame of reference which humans can use to give meaning to events which we can perceive. If time is relevant and arbitrary then our learned perception of time is only relevant to humans and therefore God’s day, is relevant to a whole different perspective.


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