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Instructors want more from students than regurgitation of other writers’ work.Writing is about finding your own voice and expressing original ideas supported by credible facts and verifiable data.Finally, compare the number of references: a typical journal paper could have 30, while a Ph D theses can easily have 300.

Not necessarily, it's possible that paper could be highly impactful, and might be reasonable in some subfields, but generally that would not be a suitable output for an academic career.

Edit: decided to pull up my own thesis from the archives. Of those, 53 pages are "thesis-only" pages; the other 177 pages are verbatim copies from 2 published papers and a third draft manuscript which was later revised and published, all reformatted to fit the thesis formatting requirements.

Along with an introductory paragraph providing background information on a topic you are examining, you will write a thesis statement that includes your own personal stance on the topic.

For instance, you could tackle an issue like gun control or legalizing marijuana and logically present evidence to support your opinion.

Therefore, they must be at least the length of three research papers, and aren't typically all that much longer than that.

However, theses are also typically formatted in a longer form, more similar to the original word-processed manuscript, whereas journal articles are composed in a dense, newspaper-like format. In sum, a manuscript that is 10-15 published pages can easily be 30-50 pages in this format. I'd also add that a post doc in my field who only produced 1 paper in 3 years would probably have their next job in industry; a graduate student with only one paper will have been quite disappointing (it may happen that only one paper is publishable due to being scooped or unexpected failures, but even those outcomes can be part of a thesis).Yes, many dissertations could be made more compact, but why?The dissertation is a rare opportunity where you don't have to compromise style or contents.Factor in a double-spaced one-column format and some front matter, and it's easy to get to 150 pages and beyond.In fact, one of my papers during the Ph D (physics) was five pages long when published, plus references (not counted in page limit).In contrast, a postdoctoral researcher is already expected to be trained and their work is only to do novel research.For a Ph D student, a lot of emphasis is on studying the methodology, and writing about it takes time and a significant number of pages.Some universities may put an upper boundary on the number of pages to make sure that their supervisors are not overwhelmed with the amount of material they have to read and comment on during the supervision (after all, Universities want their staff to do a lot of work apart of supervising the particular student).I don't think that the lower boundary is very usual.The main difference in presentation, however, isn't the length or layout - it's that I attempted to make the description more self-contained.A new graduate student may actually get a reasonable idea of the background and calculations from reading this chapter and the introduction.


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