Phd Thesis For English Literature

Which approach is suitable for your purpose depends on your research question.

If you want to examine ‘ Representations of Masculinity in the post-independence Indian novels in English’, you may start with the hypothesis that the representation of masculinity in the post-Independence Indian novels in English differs significantly from the representation of masculinity in the pre-Independence Indian novels in English, and that this shift occurs because of historical reasons.

Learning how to develop an argument is a crucial research skill-after all, the term 'thesis' means 'a position.' It is very important to understand the logical movements from specific and particular to generalized knowledge or theoretical knowledge ( inductive approach) and from generalization ( theoretical) to particular and specific ( deductive approach) in your exploration.

You may start with a general understanding of the area and form a hypothesis which can be verified by analysis of specific texts or patterns or else you may start with particular observations about the patterns in the texts/ authors and then generalize and theorize them.

If I want to write one more thesis on ‘Postcolonialism in Amitav Ghosh’ ‘ Spirituality in Sri Aurobindo’ or ‘ Feminism in Shashi Deshpande’, I am not really adding to what scholars already know about these things.

Research which provides knowledge which is obvious and already known is of little use to anyone.

It is a net practice and coaching program if you want to graduate from gully-cricket to international cricket. Research is commonly perceived as as purposive and systematic search for information and knowledge about something.

Even the hunt for a date on the Internet can be an example of research.

With such a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and put your best effort into writing an English thesis.

That’s especially true if it isn’t your first language.


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