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A global study of intrastate conflicts finds that the patterns of violence perpetrated by governments in the domain of loss are more likely to lead to rebel-preferred outcomes, while those used by governments in the domain of gain increase the probability of a government-preferred outcome.Paper 3 looks at how international actors influence the use of state repression, proposing that the effect of interventions on the use of state-sponsored violence is conditioned on government domain.I take women’s peacebuilding practices as an articulation of feminist theory—as praxis—and I use them to challenge aspects of Martha Nussbaum’s liberal feminist approach to women's human development and Brooke Ackerly’s critical feminist framework of universal human rights.

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Drawing from John, I describe transformation of the self in terms of virtue, vice, and practices of attentive receptivity.

Drawing from Butler, I describe transformation in terms of socio-political power, psychic processes, and practices of critical inquiry.

Advocates of rural development were ambivalent about modernization and sought ways of nation-building that enabled local societies to retain their integrity and some measure of control over socioeconomic change.

Towards this end, advocates promoted a rural development that was practical: immediately relevant for daily life and therefore very dependent on local contexts and the experiences and abilities of the students themselves.

Civil society organizations and networks of Christian, Moro, and Indigenous peace activists played a critical role in the peace accord negotiations and social reconciliation efforts.

Through a study of deliberative spaces, I examine how activist groups’ social sphere and patterns of interaction shape their organizational foci, including the types of project they choose to pursue and their theories of how to achieve social change.

I analyze two distinct foci of attention found among Mindanao peace activists: these different foci in turn, inform and sustain two different styles of collective action: that of “position-taking advocates” and “community bridge-builders.” Organizational focus constrains group action, and differences in foci among activist groups often lead to tensions when they try to cooperate in a network.

My dissertation is a theory for intrapersonal praxis that enables solidarity, justice, and peace in the face of alienation, oppression, and violence.

The theory, in essence, is that nonviolent campaigns better facilitate popular participation, which simultaneously serves to mobilize more potent campaigns and encourage democratic governance.

But that explanation is inadequate when civil resistance has mixed outcomes, as in the case of Egypt. Midwest in 1939 with a particular conception of Church and mission that guided their activities in Nicaragua for more than 25 years.


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