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The most effective and efficient method of cutting down carbon emissions involves two wheels, and no carbon emissions.I’m talking about the bike, and if 1 million people replaced an eight-kilometre car trip with cycling we could reduce carbon emissions by an incredible 100,000 tonnes per year.

People power, such as petitions to local member of parliaments can elevate the topic to become an important election issue, which will create awareness in the community and put pressure on leaders to act.

Also, by not investing in, or purchasing products made by irresponsible corporations that recklessly pollute you CAN make a difference.

The three biggest contributors to climate change are man-made, but all three of them can, and will be solved with your efforts.

PROBLEM 1: Massive carbon emitters Powerful corporations like the oil-producing BHP Biliton, aluminium giant Alcoa, and of course the coal burning mega factories that supply our electricity rely on the burning of fossil fuels, and are contributing huge amounts of emissions each year.

They are literally pumping tonnes of the toxic gasses into the atmosphere that are slowly poisoning our planet.

These powerful companies have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, they don’t want to see change because their profit depends on it.

There are many alternative options of transport that can significantly reduce carbon emissions and it is up to us, humanity to reduce it.

But if we do not use these alternatives, we can only expect the worst for the future SOLUTION 1: For halting the massive carbon emissions It is our responsibility to put pressure on the government to enforce legislation to limit the amount of CO2 emissions produced by industries that produce raw goods, electricity and consumer products.

The warmer waters may cause the death of the Great Barrier Reef, placing thousands of species of plants and animals in danger, and many may become extinct.

The future will see polar icecaps melt due to the increasing temperatures.


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