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By 1912, a total of 34 states in the US had already passed laws that rightly denied insane people the right of marriage.Nine states denied epileptic people the right of marriage while 15 states banned the mentally challenged people from marrying each other.

Eugenics considered the heredity as everything and many individuals did not want certain traits to be passed to the succeeding generation.

Certain traits were considered inferior by some groups and faced the risk of being eliminated.

Criminal justice of this period continued to be greatly motivated by both economic and social considerations in their arguments that, various feeble minded citizens would not be allowed to pass their undesirable traits to the generation that followed (KüHl 2002, p. Eugenic ideologies became more common throughout the period before the Second World War.

Western Europe was characterized by similar eugenic ideologies with criminal justices of various European countries completely in support of such eugenic reasoning.

This paper focuses on aspects of eugenics as an element that has for a long time in history been considered as paramount in controlling human reproduction.

The paper addressed the various eugenic practice in the late 19th century and early 20th century, as well as in the contemporary world, particularly in the western hemisphere.

According to revelations by a new report compiled by the Centre of Investigative reporting, it was found that between 20 elements of eugenics took place in a health care Centre, in California (Bauman 2013, p. In this report, doctors working under contract at the Californian Correction and Rehabilitation department were alleged to have sterilized at least 150 female inmates without any approval from relevant authorities.

In order to sterilize such people, it required approvals from the top medical official in the Sacramento, as required by the Californian state law.

In the 20th century, ideologies resulting from negative Eugenics led to mass genocide of the Jews during the Hitler’s regime.

Elimination of individuals in regard to traits of race and ethnicity has commonly been used in mass murder of certain populations in Europe and North America (Weikart 2006, p. For instance, the genocide of the native Indians in the North American regions is a good example of racial profiling emerging from eugenic ideologies.


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