Persuasive Essays On Cell Phones While Driving

Persuasive Essays On Cell Phones While Driving-14
It is easy to imagine how drivers manage to hold the phone and drive the car simultaneously.In order to do so, they have to take a cell phone into one hand and drive a car with their free hand.

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When even one participant of the traffic road moves from the lane inappropriately, it forces other drivers to do the same.

In that case, the chances for the car accidents increase.

In the meanwhile, they see nothing wrong in holding the phone while driving as they hold it near the windshield “for better visibility.” Another popular excuse is that drivers who text at the wheel do it only at stop sign or red light.

Besides, what encourages people to engage in texting in the car is the example of other drivers.

By acting like that, inattentive drivers put all the participants of the road traffic under risk.

First, these drivers put the pedestrians under the risk; without paying attention to the road, they are not able to notice the red light and may hit them. While other drivers try to follow the rules of the traffic road, they stick to their lanes.

Such “safe” drivers justify them texting while driving with some of the common excuses.

They say that reading a text is not as dangerous as composing and sending messages.

Next, those who text while driving spend nearly 10% of their time outside of their lane.

Comparing to baseline driving, those at the wheel do not control their vehicle within the lane as accurate.


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