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“Sugar Paper takes its cues from simple, classic designs but does so in a way that always comes across as current,” says Gilling.

“I know my notes will always read as personal, yet proper.” If Crane represents the old guard of stationery, then Rifle Paper Co. Schwartz says founder Anna Bond’s “drawing style is iconic enough that people recognize it, but still sort of whimsical and quirky.” Chelsea Atwell, partner and associate creative director at Zero Studios, says, “I’ve always been drawn to their floral prints and whimsical style.

The color palettes are beautiful and there are lots of options to choose from to suit your style.” As her own mother was a florist, Atwell says, “Sending a note on Rifle personalized stationery makes me feel like I’m sending a little part of myself,” whether it’s with their bright blooms or their darker botanicals.

If your name and monogram isn’t enough personalization for you, Rifle Paper Co.

If you’re looking for a gift for a recent grad, a friend starting a new job, or even just for yourself, Schwartz loves Haute Papier’s briefcase-style “stationery wardrobes” which can be customized with different paper sizes, envelopes, and business cards.

They also come with pencils (in your choice of color), and Schwartz says the set has “everything you could possibly need,” for elegant, personalized writing.

You can choose from Correspondence Cards, great for handwriting quick notes, or our Headed Notepaper, just what you need when you've got a bit more to say.

You can choose from a range of paper quality and sizes .

Minted, a site best known for its wedding invitations, is also a good source for unique stationery, according to Schwartz.

“If you’re looking for a really offbeat design or just something that no one else is going to have, that’s a really good place to start,” she says.


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