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THE PROPER STUDY OF MANKIND IS MAN I now come to speak of that sort of writing which has been so successfully cultivated in this country by our periodical Essayists, and which consists in applying the talents and resources of the mind to all that mixed mass of human affairs, which, though not included under the head of any regular art, science, or profession, falls under the cognizance of the writer, and comes home to the business and bosoms of men.

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aimed at the general public, and containing news, personal narratives, and opinion. News & World Report, and Psychology Today are magazines A "journal," or "scholarly journal," is a scholarly periodical aimed at specialists and researchers.

Articles are often written by professional writers with or without expertise in the subject; they contain "secondary" discussion of events, usually with little documentation (e.g. Magazines use vocabulary understandable to most people, and often have lots of eye-catching illustrations. Articles are generally written by experts in the subject, using more technical language.

Nearly all the thinking of the two last centuries of that kind which the French denominate , is to be found in Montaigne’s Essays: there is the germ, at least, and generally much more.

He sowed the seed and cleared away the rubbish, even where others have reaped the fruit, or cultivated and decorated the soil to a greater degree of nicety and perfection.

A "periodical" is any publication that comes out regularly or occasionally (i.e. The are also know as "serials." A "magazine" is a periodical with a popular focus, i.e.

TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, The Journal of Anthropological Research, The World Almanac, and the phone book are all periodicals.

The great merit of Montaigne then was, that he may be said to have been the first who had the courage to say as an author what he felt as a man.

And as courage is generally the effect of conscious strength, he was probably led to do so by the richness, truth, and force of his own observations on books and men.

It is in morals and manners what the experimental is in natural philosophy, as opposed to the dogmatical method.

It does not deal in sweeping clauses of proscription and anathema, but in nice distinctions and liberal constructions.


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