Performing A Literature Review

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A literature review usually takes the form of a critical discussion that shows insight into the theories being discussed in publications with a clear link to the purpose of your question or research.After you've identified the key relevant authors you can read more from them (books, articles etc.).This will then lead you on further, to other academics and theories.You can use the OU's online library to source material that is available online.It has links to journals, articles, e-books and more.Once you start to collate your literature review, make sure to reference your sources correctly as you use them.Keep full details of the title of the paper or book chapter, the authors, the page numbers, the journal or book it was published in and year of publication, as it can be hard to track down these details later.They have subject matter expertise and can help you find research materials, as well as show you relevant databases and resources, including Zotero We also recommend you look through other theses. To find the ILR theses housed in the Catherwood Library, browse or search the Cornell Theses and Dissertations by Academic Disciplines tool.You may be expected to gather evidence by making a review of the current literature, perhaps as a distinct section in an assignment or as a chapter of a dissertation.Its ultimate goals is to bring the reader up to date with current literature on a topic and forms that basis for another goal, such as the justification for future research in the area.(retrieved from There are many resources available on the internet and in print to help you conduct a literature review.


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