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Here are some suggestions for approaching a piece of writing that you are reading as a peer editor: Use your first time through just to get familiar with the piece.

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Make sure the paper is double-spaced (or even triple-spaced at this point) and you’ve given yourself some marginal space for scribbling notes.

Again, look for the problems that have given you grief before, and try looking at your paper as if you were your own instructor, looking for the same errors you made in the past.

Peer editing sessions give writers an opportunity to find out what their writing looks like to someone else.

Reviewers can help you discover whether what you've written is Peer editing will also help you get used to having others review your work.

If you still aren't sure after two readings, the writer needs to know.

What writers need most is someone who will read in the same way as the intended reader will—that is, someone who is reading for content not for errors.

You may find that it gets kids asking peers to look at their work - even when a peer grading requirement is not at stake.-Not points based, but can easily be altered to be such.-Section with "Notes to the writer" to encourage peer feedback.

Double Entry Log (to help you critically read and annotate your controversial article) Sample Article that I Critically Annotated "Would you have surgery at the hands of a robot?

For one thing, by the time we finish writing anything, we usually know a lot about the topic.

We know it too well to tell whether it would be clear to someone who is reading about it for the first time.


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