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Beginning ‘O Sacred, Wise, and Wisdom-giving Plant, / Mother of Science, Now I feel thy Power / Within me clear’ (Book 9, ll.679–81), he argues duplicitously that once she eats of this fruit she will be ‘as Gods, / Knowing both Good and Evil as they know’ (Book 9, ll. His words ‘Into her heart too easy entrance won’ (Book 9, l.

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To welcome him, Eve ‘turns, on hospitable thoughts intent’ (Book 5, l.

As Satan, journeying to Eden bent on revenge against God, first views them, Adam and Eve are: Not equal, as their sex not equal seem’d; For contemplation hee and valour form’d, For softness shee and sweet attractive Grace, Hee for God only, shee for God in him; His fair large Front and Eye sublime declar’d Absolute rule ... but follow me, / And I will bring thee’ (Book 4, l. 470), she spies Adam and runs away, having thought him ‘less fair ... 633), she proclaims that ‘God is thy Law, thou mine: to know no more / Is woman’s happiest knowledge and her praise’ (Book 4, ll. In this way, Eve is more vulnerable than Adam to the schemes of Satan. 798), the fallen angel crouches by her ear and inspires her with a prophetic dream in which she flies, witchlike, through the sky and desirously views the forbidden tree, ‘with fruit surcharg’d’ (Book 5, l. William Blake made three sets of stunning watercolours to illustrate Milton’s poem.

In this one, Satan crouches ‘like a toad’ near Eve, while Adam sleeps beside her.

425) and begins his fatal seduction by praising her ‘Celestial Beauty’ (Book 9, l. Astonished and not a little flattered, she wonders at his command of human speech: ‘What may this mean? Now Satan embarks on his great temptation speech, which is almost like an operatic aria in praise of a certain ‘goodly Tree’ (Book 9, l. Once he had eaten of it, he tells his naive listener, he experienced ‘Strange alteration’ (Book 9, l. 614) Eve expresses an interest in seeing this amazing tree, and, of course, serpentine Satan leads her directly there.

Language of Man pronounc’t / By Tongue of Brute, and human sense exprest? 599), including ‘Reason in my inward Powers, and Speech’ (Book 9, l. When she remonstrates that this tree bears forbidden fruit, he embarks on another operatic aria praising its beneficence, to which she listens in all innocence.


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