Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

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Most governments throughout the world have and will continue to take necessary precautionary measures and update their pandemic flu BC and/or preparedness plans.Planning for the unthinkable pandemic flu may appear to be a humongous and complex set of tasks.

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This paper discusses about the pertinent aspects of pandemic flu business continuity (BC) planning.

In the last two years, there is an increase in organizations preparing themselves for the possible influenza (flu) pandemic outbreak.

Some organizations call it pandemic flu BC plan while others call it pandemic flu contingency plan.

For clarification, some of the definitions and terminologies of the components of these plans are discussed in the following subsections.

The key disaster scenario should be based on the worst-case situation – occurring at the most vulnerable time; resulting in damages and losses of the most severe magnitude, like total loss of information, physical infrastructure and equipment.

Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

The traditional BC planning focuses on denial of access to facilities.

The consideration is based on the need to develop an immediate, simple and effective plan to manage this threat; especially for organizations that do not possess existing contingency or BC plans.

Health experts believe that the pandemic flu virus is continuously evolving.

The concepts and approach contained in this paper does not follow the conventional BC planning methodology.

It has been specially designed as a fast track planning approach to help organizations prepare against the impending pandemic flu threat.


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