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A more advanced ozone-monitoring installment will be launched on Europe’s Met Op spacecraft in 2005.Depletion of the ozone layer allows more of the UV radiation, and particularly the more harmful wavelengths, to reach the surface, causing increased genetic damage to living creatures and organisms.

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A NASA satellite photo revealed that a portion of the ozone layer the size of the continental United States had disappeared from the atmosphere above Antarctica.If the ozone layer is depleting, then the UVB rays will be more accessible to earth after it has trespassed the atmosphere's layers.Afterward, it will affect the outer layers of the skin, aging the skin, and will be responsible for causing sunburn, hence, the development of skin cancer.This startling information confirmed the theory of scientists that the use of CFCs were rapidly destroying the ozone layer.Ozone is a trace gas naturally formed in the stratosphere.These chemicals were believed to be miracle substances; they were thought to be low in toxics, nonflammable, inexpensive and stable to produce equipments and production such as, refrigerants, solvents, foam blowing agents, and other smaller applications.(1) These substances fused to release chlorine or bromine.Though, these chemicals are used for a certain amount of time, because they break down subsequently and consequently they damage the protective ozone layer which protects the earth from the Ultraviolet light released by the sun.They enable scientists to monitor the size of the hole and learn more about what causes it to grow or shrink.Envisat carries three instruments that can study ozone and the pollutants that attack it in the upper atmosphere.As far back as human history goes, scientists today have discovered the depletion of the ozone layer and have studied how it is caused by human actions and inventions that affect our environment and style of living.As the cause of this, many changes have been taking place during the past twenty years or so that humans have and still are concerned of, as they search for new ideas to alleviate this problem.


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