Othello Is Not A Tragic Hero Essay

Othello Is Not A Tragic Hero Essay-9
Othello does show a little (and feeble) intellectual resistance against evil.But once the seed of jealousy is sown in him, he proves a fertile ground for it.He is imaginative when he should be keenly searching the truth.

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In the beginning, we see Othello reasonable, patient and noble.

He faces the anger of Brabantio calmly like a general.

A Bryant (1961) argues that, “Macbeth is a wholly negative character who possesses the capacity for good but chooses to commit evil instead”, illustrating that his ulterior motive wasn’t for the good or righteous, as opposed to Othello, but for the selfish rise to power, evidently making him less of a tragic hero; he merely chooses evil because it works to his own advantage rather than making the world into a ‘better’ place.

Both a Shakespearean and a modern audience would believe that Macbeth, like the Devil, has willed himself into a desperate position whereby he is captive of nothing except the providence he chose to ignore.

The duke of Venice holds him in trust and respect; he is so much respected that the duke cannot think of saving his land of Cyprus without the help of brave and efficient Othello.

Othello is weak in his gullibility, but it is lago's Satanic villainy and also chance that overwhelms his critical mind- that is, whatever critical mind, he is a little too less for Iago and the bad chances.The change in Othello from the romantic and successful man into the pathetic schizoid (a psychological patient, who thinks of himself as two or more people) and a miserable and lonely outcast is remarkable. The black moor is not a mismatch 'to the fair, innocent Desdemona. His new life as a husband fires passion without tolerance.His realization of this is the tragedy of Othello, the Moorish captain of Venice. But Othello is too fragile for love precisely because he is too strong in what he ought to fight back. And when faith was shaken, he rushes headlong in jealousy without the head to make a second thought. His new life which is utterly dependent on faith collapses because he bores holes where he finds little cracks in the illusion. But his wife is merrily, carelessly, innocently and even foolishly a maiden. It is shocking how Othello never doubts the doubtful, why he doesn't give a thought to Desdemona's innocence, and Iago's pretensions.As Othello is included among the four great tragedies of Shakespeare, a special attention is needed from the part of a researcher who explores the Othello’s character.The systematic study of a tragic hero, therefore, can probably begin by comparing or bringing Shakespeare’s tragic hero Othello in terms of Aristotelian concept of tragic hero.And when he learns the truth, after killing the evidence, we echo his curse on himself "fool, fool, fool! His attempt to justify becomes more inalterable than savagery.The tragedy has no satisfactory meaning, motive and justice.The awakened, broken-hearted Othello rouses more anger than pity and fear at the end. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.Peripeteia, the point where the character’s fortune changes, must evoke a state of pity and fear amongst the audience, and give above all, a didactic message.The outcome of this characteristic should result in a complex but sole instigation of both the hero’s J.


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