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Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks? "The Evolution of the Tragic Hero." The Carleton Drama Review, Vol. 1, Othello: The Tragedy of Internalized Racism illiam Shakespeare's tragedy of the Moor Othello is the only major drama of the great playwright in which race plays a major role. But all of these flaws spring from a single, larger tragic flaw. In this paper, the play and its characters are examined from the perspective of justice, as it is developed in the play, and a determination is made as to who was the character most wronged.

Othello Essay Questions

Describe the course of Iago's deception of Othello, showing which incidents were planned and which were opportunistic. What is Othello's flaw, and explain how he is truly a tragic hero. What are possible motives for Iago's hatred of Othello?‘Othello depicts a world riddled with corruption and prejudice’.In the light of this statement, explore Shakespeare’s presentation of the values of the world in which the play is set.Othello, The Moor of Venice There are a number of very specific literary conventions that a dramatic work must have to adhere to Aristotle's multi-faceted definition of a tragedy. They were too different to ever really understand each other, and that is one reason Othello found it so…… He may be seen, in differing productions, as a villainous and barbarous fellow and as a savage, or he may be the innocent and naturally gentle victim of the serpentine Iago. "Emblems of folly in the first Othello: renaissance blackface, moor's coat, and 'muckender'. Iago may be one of the most ambiguous characters in all of Shakespeare (hite 283). For Othello, reputation becomes an element of conflict because he is proud and has a certain reputation to uphold, which is threatened by the idea of his wife being unfaithful. Never once does Iago show the slightest hint of humanity, sadness, or remorse. However, Iago adds a terrifying, seemingly strange reading of Othello's wooing with words of Othello's military deeds: "And when she seem'd to shake and fear your looks, / She loved them most" (3.3).One of the principle components of this definition is that a tragedy chronicles the downfall of a tragic hero. [Read More] Othello has used military service to prove he is not a savage to white leaders, but his reliance upon the counsel of military officers and his over-valuing of military decision-making and life makes him descend into savagery. Either interpretation would be fair, for the play proposes so many different ways of looking at him through the eyes of the other characters that one would be justified in drawing any number of conclusions about the way he should be acted. A Routledge Literary Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's Othello. Iago seems to know that he is condemned to hell -- even in the first scene, he has a premonition of his damnation: "Though I do hate him as I do hell-pains" (I.1.161). For Iago, reputation is what drives his actions; jealousy of Cassio has caused him to lash out against the Moor, because Iago believes he should be held in higher esteem than Cassio. He never catches himself or comes to terms with the core feelings that drive his murderous scheming. In other words, women really crave a strong military man who is violent towards their bodies, rather than a tender and loving man who is respectful……In your answer, you must consider relevant contextual factors.‘Despite his suffering, Othello learns nothing.’ In the light of this statement, explore Shakespeare’s presentation of Othello in the play. Othello's apparent nobleness, his military prowess, and his eloquence (despite his protestations to the contrary) all win him respect. Although many people esteem Othello, Othello instead focuses on the people who look down upon him, like Brabantio, his racist father-in-law who makes many disparaging statements about Othello's skin color, even though most of Venice has nothing but praise for Othello. In the play, he is seen as somewhat insecure, even…… The title character begins the play a great and esteemed general, despite the fact that he is a member of an 'othered,' despised race against which some whites have great prejudice. "Othello/me": Racial Drag and the Pleasures of Boundary-Crossing with Othello." Comparative Drama 35.1 (2001): 101-23. Othello does not see himself clearly, and so he does not see the world clearly. Othello is a foreign general in the army of Venice.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.A list of potential essay questions to form revision and speed planning practice Jealousy is at the core of all the tragic events that occur in Othello.’ In the light of this statement, explore the dramatic function of jealousy in Shakespeare’s play.


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